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The common understanding of security at private residences & apartments in a CCTV. Will this be enough? Can a CCTV help in securing your home or will be a perfect forensic tool after the crime is done, lives lost, property damaged?

Explore our new age autonomous preventive tool for homes

From securing doors to perimeter intrusion detection, trespassing, door breach, emergency response system, instant connectivity to law enforcement when in emergency, all these and more are integrated seamlessly onto one solution working on our neural compute platform with vision systems that can see, understand, react and action preventing crimes even before it happens.

  • Cognitive & tactical surveillance cameras that have inbuilt intelligence
  • Solution on these smart cameras instead of dumb sensors
  • Different products on a unified platform giving a comprehensive security
  • Never far from home, always connected with instant alerts on breach
  • Two-way communication through the camera to talk to the intruder at the door from anywhere across the world
  • Custom built application to suit your needs with user defined regulations
  • No human intervention required to prevent crimes, designed to handle situations
  • Emergency Response system for instant connectivity to law enforcement and other house members during emergency
cctv for home

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Our Products

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