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Better customer experience & insights in your store with Artificial Intelligence

With every increasing competition and customer expectations, retail stores are doing everything possible to give the best of customer experience in their stores. An excellent customer experience in the store in the only way today brick & mortar stores rely upon to counter the ever diminishing prices on ecommerce sites.

Better customer experiences rely on strong data for an effective decision making. We at Safepro realise that data is the new oil. Retailytics brings a host of features aiding retail stores to deliver the best of customer experiences backed by rich data coupled with visual analytics. Our AI based vision systems helps in assessment of various KPIs to ensure you only make the right decisions.

  • People counting for store footfalls analysis
  • Customer product interactions mapping
  • Dwell time of customers within the store
  • Shoplifting tracking & alerts
  • Intrusion & breach detection & alerts
  • Employee attendance management on face recognition
  • Customer experience assessment at billing counters
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Retailytics, visual data driven tool for your retail store

Get the edge insights and visual analytics with our AI based precision cameras in Retailytics to track and analyse the count the footfalls into your store, map the product interactions of your customer across the store, the average dwell time of customers in your store, analyse customer experience and manage security too like intrusion & trespassing detection and staff attendance management on face recognition. It’s a complete retail analytics product package helping you take the right decisions to make a store a delightful experience for your customers.

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