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You’ve got a single retail store or multiple stores across a city or multiple cities, we have disruptive products to manage security, stop pilferage, count footfalls, analyse data on consumer interests within your store, manage employee and more.

It’s not about passive CCTVs anymore, but intelligent, responsive AI tactical cameras that can replicate what we see and understand. It has a brain of its own called the Opticsense with which it can see, think, understand and do what you expect it to do minus your interreference or should we say without any human intervention.

  • People counting generating footfall into the store with data analytics
  • People movement and concentration matrix giving analysis of the zones within your store that attracts more customers
  • Face recognition time and attendance system for store employees
  • Intrusion and door breach alerts and hooter alarms minus the dumb sensors
  • Inventory or warehouse activity monitoring and tracking with breach alerts
  • Cognitive surveillance to stop shoplifters and pilferages
cctv for retail store

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