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The bigger the entity, more complex it is to manage and monitor it. Managing compliance, safety, security & more is something we have integrated into our vision systems. Whether its employee attendance, stores monitoring or perimeter protection, production process monitoring & tracking, we do it all.

Our range of products cater to different aspects of large industries and vast corporate campuses on AI platform that’s more reactive allowing you to manage your core competency leaving the nuances of security and automation to us.

  • Employee time & attendance management on face recognition
  • Access control on face recognition within the campus
  • Trespassing & intrusion alerts in restricted areas & times
  • Perimeter intrusion detection & protection
  • Warehouse protection including AR based material movement counting & tracking
  • Visitor management on face detection & recognition with 2way audio & video communication
  • Safety gear compliance monitoring & tracking of employees in the shop floor
  • General cognitive surveillance within the campus
  • ANPR based vehicular access control & parking management
  • Spark and Fire detection on machinery with alarm on vision systems
  • Data center protection and access control on face recognition
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Our Products


Our Products

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