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Today public transport is prone to crimes and incidents with millions of people using these as their core transportation needs. Whether it’s intercity or intra-city transport, commuters are constantly facing fear of untoward incidents. Even cabs today are becoming risk for women commuters with so many incidents happening in the metro cities around the world.

AI securing passengers & buses

A simple yet a powerful AI system that puts passenger safety first beyond everything is IntelliBus. Driver Alert System (DAS) with onboard AI cameras monitoring the activities and analytics such as seat matrix watch, driving pattern recognition and more all working in tandem making it a secure ride for all passengers.IntelliBus is comprehensive package for long distance overnight buses plying on highways giving their management a holistic view of their fleets realtime position, driver alert system, emergency response system for passengers and driving pattern recognition of every driver for every trip.

  • Cognitive deep learning solutions for driver alert system to keep the driver alert at all times with onboard GPU inference system
  • Using deep learning and cognitive science, detects driver drowsiness with auto alerts to driver instantly
  • Deep sense miniature dashboard cameras installed in the buses on dashboard
  • Captures eye lids wink rate, 3D facial expressions and neckline movements of the driver to capture drowsiness quotient
  • Designed & trained to capture even the slightest change in the eye lids wink rate
  • The dash cam focusing the road analyses the driving patterns including alerts for tailgating and head-on overtaking on highways
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