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Today every bank has CCTV in its premises, but is it serving the purpose of a fool-proof total security? With focus on low cost CCTVs, most of the banks in India are grappling with performance & maintenance of these system.

Banks are fast evolving with ever changing technology, adding newer products, branches, ATMs, mobile banking and so on. With this the criminals are also evolving to circumvent these technologies to unleash their crimes. Security has been always an integral part of the bank’s infrastructure, but unfortunately it’s been the passive CCTVs which can just see and record. A forensic tool helping the law enforcement to solve the case after the crime is unleashed, damage done.

Safer bank for a better economy

It’s time to move on to an autonomous preventive tool that can think, reason, act like we humans do. Our products built for the banking sector comes with a neural compute engine giving these cameras the brain it requires to distinguish the abnormal from normal thereby preventing crimes, creating a safer banking experience for your customers and their money. We extract the data from the video that’s necessary to keep your banks and ATMs safer and secure at all times.

Intrusion and door breach alerts with code red alarms

cctv for atm

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