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Edge Video Analytics

It’s not important what you see, but how well you see?
Extraction of data from the video, detailing, understanding, analysis and actioning is what we do with a camera.

Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Facesense Facial Recognition Scan (FRS) is an enterprise scale facial detection & recognition scanning system. Built on our patented Opticsense® Neural Compute Platform.

Face attendance system

Facesense for Education Institutions

With attendance management in education institutions playing a pivotal role, it has been traditionally a manual process from time immemorial.

attendance system

Opticsense Process Automation

Opticsense® Process Automation is built on our neural compute edge video analytics simulating your production processes, monitoring and tracking any violation in the process so that you can be sure that the process you’ve set is thoroughly followed without any violation.

process automation


ANPR isn’t just meant for reading a license/number plate of vehicle for traffic offence, but its beyond that.


Perimeter Intrusion Detection

A new age Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a state-of-the-art AI based vision technology system eliminating the false positive alerts of the traditional fiber and infrared applications.


Fire & Smoke detection

Opticsense® fire and smoke detection video analytics is an early detection and warning system for detection of smoke and fire in the monitored zones.

fire detection

Intrusion detection

Opticsense® Intrusion detection video analytics combines human detection and intrusion together to give you the best of accuracy.

intrusion detection

Object Detection & Counting

With over one million object detection capability, Opticsense® object detection video analytics enables the cameras in detecting objects within its vicinity. From identifying simple objects like phones, laptops, couches, vases, it can clearly distinguish between humans, vehicles and animals too.

object detection

Crowd Detection

Mostly applicable in street security, large industries and campuses, Opticsense® crowd detection video analytics can instantly detect unusual congregation of people with instant alerts for actioning.

crowd detection

Abandoned Object Detection

AOD or the Abandoned Object Detection is one of the common video analytics generally used in airports, railway stations and bus stations comes integrated with our object detection video analytics.

abandoned object

Anti-camera tampering

Opticsense® anti-camera tampering is one of our robust analytics engaging in detection of various types of vandalism to the cameras.

anit tampering camera

Loitering Detection

Detecting suspicious movements within the monitored zones with real-time visual and audio alerts combining it with human detection makes Opticsense® Loitering detection video analytics an important tool.

loitering detection

Gesture Detection

Tell us the gesture you want us to track, we’ll implement with our Opticsense® neural compute platform.

gesture detection

Scene Detection

Built on our Opticsense® platform, scene detection is applicable mostly in the indoor applications especially museums wherein the cameras with our scene detection video analytics maps every object within that vicinity along with its type and position. With this, is any object removed or missing from that place, an instant alert is raised with visual and sound alerts triggering actioning.

sense detection

Opticsense® Thermography

The world today lives in unprecedented times with threat of virus hitting us all hard on our daily lives. Opticsense® Thermography application incorporates the best of thermal video analytics to detect the human face and the temperature. It also comes with an automated notification to alert people with higher temperature higher detecting Covid-19.


Object Detection & Counting

Protect your warehouse, factory, data centers & offices with Opticsense Smoke & Fire detection and warning system.

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